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spiritual Visionary & big bangs of colors

Higgs and Beyond

Journey into Sacred Space

Resonating Zero

Till the end or forever

Leave room for miracles to occur

Christmas and his Son

0=1 I AM (not complete without you)

Praying for more apples

I Love You Satan

The royals | Koninklijk

Koningin Máxima Zorreguieta

One of my best and favorite paintings of "my" Queen Maxima. Queen of The Netherlands.

Willem-Alexander, King of The Netherlands

Painting of Dutch King Willem-Alexander.

Juliana and the Others

Painting that shows former Queen Juliana, mixed with clothing of different royal Dutch Queens.


Beatrix en het hogere

Teaching Amalia

Queen Beatrix

Princess Amalia

Willem van Oranje

Roman Goddess



Marriage of Two 1's

Inner Galaxy

Maria de la Cruz

Christmas and his Son

The Kiss




Forget me not

Maxima, queen of the Netherlands

Black Eye

Dark, erotic, pornographic, naughty art

Samson and Delilah

Phoenix Marie Antoinette

The Kiss

Just like Marilyn (Monroe)

My little pony

Blast from the Past (Hiroshima)

Praying for more apples

Tv Testscreen

The beautiful life of Adriana

No Mercy

I forgave myself completely

 Finding something magical to wear

Finding something magical to wear


The Sex Salesman

Phoenix-Marie-Antoinette copy.jpg

The dark side

THe sister of Margot: Anne frank


de familie frank




Van Gogh & Mondriaan

The skull of van gogh